Introducing my own blog

Published by マギルゥーベルベット on

Hi, this is the first time I ever made a blog post. I decided to start blogging and writing down my thoughts and share my experience with others. I never did this before and my writing skills are not very good. I hope to improve and get better at this at some point :D

I’m a C++ developer, but I also have experience in JavaScript (with NodeJS), Ruby and Python. Besides programming, I also do some web development from time to time. Before I installed WordPress on my server, I had my own website code, including a blog, written in NodeJS. My website code got way too messy over the times though and was basically not maintainable anymore. At my job we use WordPress and I started to like it and wanted to migrate over to it for my personal web content. So I did it and it is a lot of fun and way easier to manage than my old messy code :)

I talked about my personal web content. I have a lot of different stuff organized in my own individual way. I setup WordPress as Multisite on my server and plan to use it as much as I can, and not just for my personal website. Unlike many other, I won’t clutter up my sites with ads and tracking and try not to include 3rd party domain connections to keep things fast, nice and simple. I also have no interest to enable and maintain user comments, so don’t wonder why you can’t comment here. If you want to contact me take a look at the page footer for some social media platforms where I’m active and will respond to your questions.

That’s about it for the moment. My first post in WordPress. Enjoy your stay here :)