FreeBSD rc.d script for JetBrains YouTrack

Published by マギルゥーベルベット on

I recently checked out the JetBrains YouTrack issue tracker board and I loved it within minutes. After playing around with it a bit on my local Linux workstation I figured that I need to install this on my FreeBSD server to start using it from everywhere. Unfortunately the installation guide on the JetBrains website didn’t even mention FreeBSD at all, its like nobody cares about this amazing server OS :(

Since I didn’t just want to run this thing plain on my server, I started to learn to write rc.d scripts for FreeBSD. This makes it possible to start YouTrack on boot and also easily start/stop and re-start it at anytime without using long and cryptic Java commands.

The finished and working rc.d script can be found on my GitLab as snippet. As bonus I also added a configuration snippet for Caddy, since I use Caddy as my web server.

FreeBSD rc.d script for JetBrains YouTrack FreeBSD rc.d script for JetBrains YouTrack